We look upon it as our duty to examine and evaluate with our partners the effect that our activities can have on the environment. Here at Van Duuren we endeavour constantly both to reduce and to avoid pollution of the environment, in so far as technical and economic conditions permit.

Increasing numbers of our clients are taking environmental aspects into account when selecting their suppliers of logistics services. Working towards a sustainable society has for many companies become a permanent feature of their management policy. At Van Duuren we express our commitment to the environment in, among other ways, the use of ever-cleaner trucks and, wherever possible, electrically powered vans.


An important part of our quality criteria is setting down in writing the promises that we as a company make. We describe these promises in our Quality Programme. This programme contains our mission and vision, and describes the continuous improvement programmes that we agree upon with our client, our partner and ourselves. You will also find the rosters for the continuous system training for our personnel. We believe that our people should be given continuous training in order to provide the best quality of service. Furthermore, we have established a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are subject to periodic monitoring.

One component of the programme is a complete description of the processes involved in our services and the role that our departments – sales, planning and customer services – have within them. This programme is for us not the finishing point as regards quality, but rather a starting point. Because we go further in the service we provide to the client. This means: putting the client first, every day. It also means: short lines of communication, a personal relationship and genuine commitment.

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