A 125 year-old family business

We grew up with transport from our earliest childhood as our father, Nico van Duuren, was managing director of the company for more than 25 years. 

In 1980 our family business was joint founder of the NPD (Nederlandse Pakket Dienst). A few years later, in 1983 and 1988 respectively, Van Duuren Districenters Elektronika Expres and Parts Express were established from within the parent company.

In 1994 the company, which at that moment had a personnel strength of some 500, was split up. Parts Express carried on under the leadership of our uncle Adrie van Duuren, and we took on the management of Van Duuren and the Nederlandse Pakket Dienst in Amsterdam.

The company continued to evolve, and in 2000 we sold it to GLS, joining the board of the Dutch division of GLS. At that time GLS had 16,000 trucks on the road in Europe and delivered 1 million consignments per day Europe-wide.

But absorbing though that period with GLS was, we missed the thrill of real entrepreneurship, something into which we could completely throw our passion for this fantastic work. We therefore decided in 2004 to re-establish Van Duuren by means of a management buy-out, the two of us then forming the management.

On reflection we can say that this step has been more than a success, with the company growing much faster than we anticipated. It is healthy, and on course towards consolidating its position as a pan-European logistic service provider with three branches, including one in Barcelona.

Jeroen van Duuren en Jasper van Duuren 

We take care of your consignments
for the whole of Europe

Anchored in a rich history

The roots of our company go back a long way. Our great-grandfather Nico van Duuren founded the Van Duuren company in 1892. A splendid photo in our office – pictured on this page – is a reminder of this early period.

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