”Our teamwork is an open book”

 In Client cases

Before Rolf Blokzijl started as logistics team leader at, he had already gained experience in a transport company. This knowledge came in handy when optimally arranging the transport of the English-language books that are ordered every day. “When I joined Bol, these pallets were transported by plane. That caused delays too often, so I was looking for another solution.” The previous carrier offered to set up a separate courier service for these deliveries. Blokzijl: “I did that for a while, it was a good service, but I thought it was too expensive. I knew from my experience in the transport sector that many hauliers drive back from England with empty or half-empty trucks because there is little production in this country.”
Stef Blommaart nods in agreement. “That is correct, we always have a lot of cargo to England, but the other way is more difficult. It regularly happens that we have to drive back with empty vehicles. For us,’s request was a godsend at the time.”

Together, the two partners developed a route plan that has worked well for more than two years now. Stef Blommaart: “I call it a 16-hour service. is always our last pick-up address. Around 4 pm UK time, we load up at the book wholesaler in South-West England. Then we take the train, pick up an hour’s time difference and can deliver to Bol’s warehouse in Waalwijk at eight o’clock in the morning the next day.” In Waalwijk, the orders are prepared for dispatch and sent out the same day. Due to this tight planning, it is usually possible for Bol’s customers to have their order delivered within two days.

This line is actually always good and that is exactly the intention, Blokzijl emphasizes. “Within, monitoring processes is my most important job. Being sharp with human resources has a high priority. Deliveries like this have to be by the book.
I don’t want to have to make daily phone calls or be inconvenienced by them. With Van Duuren I can count on this.” The logistics team leader also appreciates the informal contacts. “We’re a flat organisation, and so is Van Duuren. The lines of communication are short, and that’s good. The other day I had to wait for five days for my international client number for a consignment from Germany from a large international haulier. Very annoying of course, but at times like that I appreciate Van Duuren Districenters’ flexibility all the more!