Braez: ”A seamless collaboration such a that between ourselved and Van Duuren Districenters is exceptional”

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“Braez has the aura of a summery and sunny fashion brand,” says managing director and owner Leo de Groot enthusiastically. “The brand stands for cheerful, free and easy clothes made of beautiful materials. When I had just taken Braez over I first used big transport companies, but that wasn’t satisfactory. I like to work with short lines of communication and the same contact persons.” Braez clothes are made in Turkey and, as is normal in the fashion business, the collections are delivered in the preceding season. De Groot: “We start delivering the winter collection in June, so Van Duuren Districenters doesn’t make weekly trips for us. We have three delivery moments per season, but then things are really hectic. At times like that we have clothes going all over the world.
Braez fashion wear cannot only be bought in all European countries, but also United States, Japan and Australia.” Jeroen van Duuren knows all about this. “We even take care of deliveries of the goods from Braez at shop-level in Saint- Barthélemy, an island in the Caribbean.”

According to Jeroen van Duuren, every client is unique, but an exceptional aspect of the collaboration with Braez is that the company has lots of deliveries worldwide in a short space of time. “An important moment for us. It makes heavy demands on the partners we work with. For Braez we keep a very close eye
on things in order to be sure that deliveries are made on time. That’s the way it is in the fashion business – it’s important that the clothes are there to be sold immediately.” Thanks to Braez, Van Duuren Districenters can also demonstrate that the services of the logistics provider in Vianen literally know no boundaries. Among other things when it’s about arranging customs matters. Jeroen van Duuren: “Barbara Demmers is our specialist in preparing the customs documents. For many countries in Europe now there’s virtually no need to arrange customs documents, but it goes without saying that this doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. Barbara puts her heart and soul into this work.” Leo de Groot: “I’m really happy that Van Duuren Districenters has this expertise in house, because some
European countries such as Norway and Switzerland are anything but easy when it comes to export. I can trust Van Duuren fully with all my logistics.