Canon: ”We can always count on Van Duuren, even last minute”

 In Client cases

Canon Europe has three business units. For the ‘Business Solutions’ unit, Marjanka Haxe works with Van Duuren Districenters for transport to Italy, Denmark and Portugal. “This mainly concerns large copiers for the professional market,” says Marjanka. “Varying from one large machine to metres-long copy lines. Because we have a fluctuating order pattern, we expect a lot from our transporters when it comes to flexibility and planning.” Canon Europe’s deliveries have peaks and troughs in both quality and quantity. Marjanka Haxe: “At the end of the month, we have a lot of transport and often urgent jobs as well. In such cases, I often only let them know on Friday afternoon that delivery is required on Saturday.
This is rarely a problem for Van Duuren. Stef Blommaart: “Last week we received a request from you on Friday at around seven o’clock in the evening to unload in Frankfurt on Saturday morning at eight o’clock. It worked again.” Despite the fact that in this case it was not known until very late that a cargo would have to be transported, it is still very important that this is done as quickly as possible. “In Frankfurt, the pre-installation of our machines is done before they go to our end customer.

This is easy because we both work with the transport management system Infodis.” Canon Europa and Van Duuren have been working together for more than a year and a half now for the transport of Canon products, but in a previous period of employment Marjanka Haxe also subcontracted work to Van Duuren Districenters. “I know Stef from the time when Van Duuren owned the Nederlandse Pakketdienst, so we know what we can do for each other. According to Stef Blommaart, this shared past also has its advantages in the current collaboration. “Marjanka is open and honest and can explain clearly and in no uncertain terms when something is not going well. That’s fine by me, because it keeps us on our toes.”