IAG Cargo: ‘The Van Duuren-Interport airfreight drivers always arrive on time, because the aircraft doesn’t wait’

In the world of airfreight, delivery times have become more important than ever. In the last two years, thanks to the good collaboration between IAG Cargo at Heathrow and Van Duuren-Interport, the drivers have always been on time. ‘We have very high expectations of our suppliers and the Van [...]

My Jewellery: “Van Duuren’s service ties in closely with our rapid growth”

What started with a few boxes has grown into a considerable volume of multiple consignments per week. The rapid growth of My Jewellery places high demands on the transport. ‘Our 1500 m2 warehouse is always full,’ says founder Sharon Hilgers of the mode- and jewellery brand. Sharon Hilgers [...]

HEMA: ‘Van Duuren’s good communication and preparation are unparalleled’

“I am extremely satisfied with the way that the staff in Vianen manage our deliveries,” says Onno Middelhoven of HEMA. This renowned chain of stores puts the transport of goods to their stores in Barcelona and Madrid in the hands of Van Duuren. “Van Duuren came up with the [...]

Valeant Pharmaceuticals: ‘Van Duuren – Interport has a daily service to Spain in 26 Hours. That is unique.’

“To an increasing extent transport by road appears to be a better and more efficient method than by air,” says Marina Khoroujenko, Freight Manager at Valeant. “And certainly with a transporter such as Van Duuren – Interport. Arriving in Madrid and Barcelona in 26 hours really is quick. [...]

ELHA Cosmetics: ‘Fair’s fair; our transport always goes well with Van Duuren’

“Our partnership with Van Duuren has existed for 36 years, and in 99 of the 100 cases everything goes perfectly,” says a satisfied Leo Hertz, managing director of Elha Cosmetics. Van Duuren collects perfumes and cosmetics for Elha from France, Italy and Switzerland. “Twice a week, and on [...]

ABS: “In twelve and a half years we have never been disappointed by Van Duuren’s service.”

“The people in Vianen have the capability of reacting in a flexible and customer-oriented manner to new situations,” states Wouter Kothuis, Director Operations at ABS. In a market in which shorter delivery periods are becoming increasingly important, a haulier must be flexible, swift and [...]

NewStar: ‘Great improvement in efficiency thanks to collaboration with Van Duuren’

Bart van der Sluijs, operations manager at NewStar, says: “Previously we did business with other logistic services providers but we weren’t completely satisfied. We were working with a number of carriers for the different countries. We looked for one company that could do all our European [...]

RM Netherlands: ‘Van Duuren is an important link in our logistic process’

“RM Netherlands provides a gateway to Europe,” says Alexander Hendriks. “We are responsible for ensuring that all business post from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the rest of Europe and the US is delivered on time at the recipients’ addresses in Europe. In this complex logistical process [...]

Hunkemöller: ‘Enthusiast about the finely woven network’

“For our transport we need a flexible logistic services provider with a widespread European network”, says Marcel Guldemond of Hunkemöller. “Unfortunately, not all international hauliers are able to satisfy our specific requirements. I believe that Van Duuren can, thanks to their finely woven [...]

PF Concept: ‘I only find an unambiguous line of communication at Van Duuren’

The European Union is growing, as the result of which economic bordersare disappearing and export is becoming easier. “This is a great thing,”believes Mike Bakx of PF Concept, “but at the same time it means that competition at the international level is increasing, and clients expect [...]

Severin: ‘Van Duuren is our missing link’

The collaboration between Van Duuren and Severin began only recently. Nonetheless, both partners are looking to the future with great confidence. “Van Duuren is the missing link in the transport from our factory in Germany to our customers in the Netherlands,” says Jeroen Brussee of Severin. [...]

Yanmar: “I say to my people: ‘always ring Van Duuren first”

Van Duuren was already responsible for the transport of incoming goods for Yanmar’s production lines, and for deliveries to their customers. “That worked so well that three years ago we extended our collaboration: almost all the transport of our outgoing goods is now handled by Van Duuren,” [...]

Fabory: ‘I don’t have to explain any problem twice to Van Duuren’

Maurice Geerars, of Fabory, wholesale suppliers of fasteners, first met Stef Blommaart and Jeroen van Duuren in Prague during the Supply Chain Logistics Seminar. “I had a problem with transport to France. Stef and Jeroen immediately began thinking in solutions.” The major proportion of [...]

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