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Dear Customer,

Through this page we will keep you informed about the developments concerning the Corona Virus as far as they affect your and our business operations. For general information about the impact of the Corona virus on the transport sector, we would like to refer you to the Liveblog van Transport en Logistiek Nederland.

For specific questions to Van Duuren related to corona, please contact our colleagues. Wilfred Donkersteeg 06 23 477 779 (office Vianen) en Raymond de Ridder 06 46 440 162 (office Schiphol/Badhoevedorp).

We wish you, your and our employees a lot of strength in the coming period. And above all… Stay healthy!

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Duuren
Managing Director

11 May 2020 (4:10 pm)
Van Duuren’s demand for transport is growing: ‘We’re driving more and more’.

Imports from Italy and Spain are increasing again, Jeroen van Duuren notes. “Transport to these countries has come to a complete standstill on rush rides. Now we see that demand has increased again by ten percent in a week’s time. There is air coming and that is good for our business relations, our partners and of course for ourselves”. Transport to Germany and the Scandinavian countries has been less affected, but is also picking up again.
Van Duuren has always remained fully operational during the corona crisis, with due observance of the hygiene measures, of course. Jeroen van Duuren: “As soon as the situation allows, we are ready to bring the service to the old level as quickly as possible. I compliment our employees on this from the bottom of my heart. The adaptability of our people is really great. From home and from the office, they do everything in their power to offer our clients the service they are used to from us”.

March 31, 2020 (5:18 pm)
Delay in service to France

Unfortunately, we must inform you that delivery times for France for our entire service have been delayed by 24 hours.

March 26, 2020 (2:04 PM)
Possible additional costs for groupage shipments

In our service update last week, we informed you that our core business continues. For groupage shipments, this means that in some regions we need to be extra creative and take atypical measures. read more

March 20, 2020 (2:45 PM)
Van Duuren on the road in Europe

The corona virus disrupts our daily lives enormously. Like countless other companies that we use at Sustainable, we can limit the negative consequences to a maximum. read more

16 March 2020 (3:48 PM)
No signed CMRs because of the Corona virus

The health of the drivers must be monitored. Contact with recipients must therefore be kept to a minimum. Transferring the PDA (the hand terminal on which is signed) to the receiver is a major risk. Especially because the customer has to put his finger on it. Read more

16 March 2020 (11:22 AM)
Procedure regarding Corona virus in the Netherlands

Also in the Netherlands we have to deal with closures of schools, bars and restaurants. From this moment until at least 6 April 2020. The transport of goods is still allowed and possible, but we have to arrange it with some adjustments. Read more

13 March 2020 (4:13 PM)
Corona virus in Italy and Austria – update

In the meantime, we are also beginning to experience inconvenience on the import lines (from Italy to NL) as a result of the measures taken with regard to COVID-19 / the corona virus. On the one hand, there is a scarcity of available lorries in Italy (exports have decreased enormously) and on the other hand, we see an increase in waiting times due to the imported border controls. Read more

12 March 2020 (11:23 AM)
Corona virus in Italy – update

Regarding the new instructions of the Italian government, all public offices, bars, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, hotels etc. must be closed for the next two weeks with immediate effect; only a few shops can remain open, including supermarkets and pharmacies.
Given that only manufacturing companies will remain active, these are the only deliveries we can organize. We therefore invite you to only load shipments in these categories. Read more

9 March 2020 (12:12 PM)
Corona virus in Italy – update

Volgens de verordening van het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid zijn de RED ZONE gebieden van LODI Zip Code 26 en een klein deel van postcode 35 Vo Euganeo niet toegankelijk. Read more verder

28 February 2020 (10:53 AM)
Preventive actions Corona virus

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak within Europe, Van Duuren has decided to take preventive measures for their employees and drivers, which will be applied from 27.02.2020. Read more verder

24 February 2020
Corona virus in Italy

In connection with the Corona virus outbreak in Italy, a number of villages in the LODI province have been isolated and it is impossible to collect or deliver consignments to these places. We therefore ask our relations to detain shipments for these destinations themselves until further notice. Read more