Delays at customs have to be kept to a minimum. Van Duuren also has its own customs department, which always has access to – and is aware of – the most up-to-date requirements. Having our own customs agent is crucial in the light of the Brexit, for example, and the rapid growth that we are experiencing as a partner in the CargoLine network.

The Netherlands holds an important position in the field of transport and distribution, both within and outside Europe. A climate that promotes flexibility in customs matters attracts a large number of companies to contract out their logistical activities within the Netherlands.

In comparison with other EU countries, the Dutch customs regulations provide a great degree of freedom with regard to the handling of customs-controlled goods. Furthermore, there are also opportunities to transfer the liability for payment of VAT, in order to avoid making unnecessary payment payable directly on import into the EU.

Below you will find an overview of the services that Van Duuren can provide in the areas of customs and fiscal formalities.

Custom clearance

  • Clearance, drawing up documentation for customs for goods that are transported by or for Van Duuren.

Clearance and fiscal formalities in combination with storage (bonded warehousing):

  • Clearance with deferred monthly payment of EU levies
  • Drawing up customs documents
  • Drawing up supplementary commercial documents
  • Active/passive veredeling
  • Fiscal representation
  • Help for foreign companies in applications for Dutch VAT registration
  • Periodic VAT returns
  • Inter-state declaration/returns

This overview provides only an impression of the services that Van Duuren can give you in the area of customs and fiscal matters. Every project in which our clients are engaged has its own individual requirements and demands a client-specific answer.

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