Monique Aben

Monique has more than twenty-five years’ experience in logistics. Since the beginning of March she has been working at Van Duuren as an employee in the Customer Support department. [...]


Patricia Andeweg

Patricia Andeweg has been working at Van Duuren since February 2022 as an employee in Customer Support. She was educated at the Scheepvaart en Transport College in Rotterdam and before joining [...]

Fabian Finisie

Fabian Finisie has been working at Van Duuren since September 2021 as a customer support employee. He was educated as a secretarial assistant and before joining Van Duuren he worked, among other [...]


Bernice Pattiselanno

After completing her studies in All-round DTP and graphic design, Bernice worked for another transport company. At Van Duuren Bernice is responsible for consignments that have to be loaded and/or [...]

Katrin Schmitz

“I enjoy motivating, coaching and managing people,” says Katrin Schmitz. Since the beginning of this year she has been working at Van Duuren as supervisor Customer Care. According to [...]

Peter Proper

Peter Proper (43) has been strengthening Van Duuren’s Customer Support team since March. He has been working in logistics since the age of 18. Initially as a warehouse employee, he has been [...]

Marion van Dijk

Marion van Dijk has been working since September 2017 at Van Duuren as Supervisor Customer Support. After her HBO study of Logistics Engineering in Amsterdam, Marion went to work at Blokker BV. [...]

Wendy van Hove

Wendy has worked in the customer support department at Van Duuren since March 2014. But she was no stranger to the company: she began with Van Duuren in 1996 in customer service. When the company [...]