Robert Kovacs

Robert Kovacs has been working for Van Duuren as a Dispatcher since August 2021. After completing his studies in transport, he worked as a fleet manager, among other things. His search for a new [...]

Bas van der Zwaan

Bas van der Zwaan has been working at Van Duuren as Commercial Planner since December 2021. Before Bas joined Van Duuren he was employed by Heisterkamp Trucking in Oldenzaal, where he got to know [...]

Roman Surdu

Roman Surdu was born in Moldova. ”I had a wonderful childhood but I faced some challenges in my adolescence.” he tells about his childhood. When Roman was fifteen he moved to Romania. [...]

Mirabela Ligia

Mirabela Ligia Toras, 35 jaar woonachtig in Floresti. ‘’Ik ben vijf jaar getrouwd wij hebben samen een zoontje van twee jaar oud. ”vertelt ze trots over haar familie. Mirabela over haar [...]

Diana Serban

Diana Serban has been working for Van Duuren as a Dispatcher in the Romania office since 2021. After studying economics, she worked as a barmaid, chorographer and receptionist, among other [...]

Calin Plesa

Calin was born in a small mountain town in Romania. ”It’s funny how sometimes life takes you down a path you didn’t expect.” Tells Calin. ”My father had a small [...]

Corina Marian

Corina was born in the northwest of Romania. In 2008 after finishing her studies: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering she not only got her car license but also her truck license. A year later her [...]


Remco Ipenburg

Remco Ipenburg has been working for Van Duuren since December 2006, and due to his position as fleet manager he regularly changes between the Badhoevedorp, Vianen and Romania offices. Remco [...]