Geveke Werktuigbouw: ”Van Duuren is our tower of Strength”

 In Client cases

”It was before I started working here, but I know that we switched to Van Duuren because we always received damaged compressors back then”, says Nel van Zelm, contact for Van Duuren Districenters at Geveke Werktuigbouw. ”Then you have a porblem because it is expensive equipment that is often custom-made for a client.”
Geveke Werktuigbouw is a technical trading company that imports and exports pumps for the petrochemical industry, air pressure equipment such as compressors, climate techniques and synthetic techniques. Clients can come to Geveke for maintenance and repairs as well.
Van Zelm: ”We have over 40 technicans on the road that tend to maintenance on a daily basis.”

In addition to the incidental orders in Germany and Spain, Van Duuren is responsible for the delivery of compressors and pumps from England to Geveke. Twice a week a truck leaves from here to Amsterdam. ”Logistically England is difficult”, says Ed Kooiman, import manager at Van Duuren. ”Our trucks can’t miss the boat. That is why we have regular contact with our providers in England through our British agent, Leggett Logistics. Sometimes the ferry is missed anyway. In that case, Van Duuren uses the shuttle through the tunnel as an alternative. Kooiman: ”Not ideal, because the train is more expensive. I do have to say that I am not confronted with these problems on a daily basis. Reinier van der Valk, our transport planner, is the most important contact for Geveke. I don’t know how he does it, but he always solved problem.”

Geveke and Van Duuren came to a number of agreements regarding transportation. ”The compressors won’t leave the truck during the run”, says van Zelm. ”Nothing is loaded over the top of them either. I know that this is generally disregarded in the industry because the space is valuable, but with Van Duuren, I have never noticed that.” Isn’t it tempting to put something on top of the compressors anyway? ”No”, says Ed Kooiman. ”I don’t want to see it. A deal is a deal and we stick to it.”