HEMA chooses Van Duuren as logistics partner for Spain

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HEMA and Van Duuren have started an intensive collaboration for Spain. In August 2017 Van Duuren began stocking the HEMA stores in Madrid and Barcelona, and we are responsible for the entire logistical flow to HEMA in Spain.

The stocking of shops is just one of Van Duuren’s specialities, says Stef Blommaart: ‘As the provider of logistical services we contribute to successful shop openings and stocking shops in busy town and city centres. It is not rocket science, it is all about devotion. We always ensure that we know beforehand exactly what we will be facing. We made advance visits to all the HEMA stores in Spain and assessed the situation on location. In this way we can ensure that we are always able to provide the best logistical solution.’

Jeroen van Duuren continues: ‘We are experienced in carrying through bespoke projects for retailers. For years now we have had had an intensive collaboration with other major retailers including Hunkemöller and Foot Locker. It is of course fantastic that we are able to add a company such as HEMA to this great list.’

Dealing with the HEMA consignments to Spain is in the hands of Spain specialist Interport, which has been part of Van Duuren since January 2017, and Via Interport we have our own office in Barcelona. Van Duuren and HEMA are no strangers to one another: in the period between 1992 and 2002 Van Duuren provided, among other things, the delivery services for non-food suppliers to the HEMA distribution centre in Utrecht.