In practice it is apparent that the risks to goods in transit are either not covered or are insufficiently covered by insurance by their consignors. Mistakenly it is supposed that goods in transit are already insured, but this is by definition not the case. Statutory regulations such as the CMR, Hague-Visby and Montreal do not relate to insurance but to the definition of rules relating to transport, including liabilities.

Why goods in transit insurance?

Of all the goods transport movements in the world, more than 99% occur without problem. However, transport can incur serious risks. Despite all the care taken of goods in transit, the risk of loss or damage does exist. Goods can be damaged or lost in a traffic accident or in loading or unloading, and fire and climatic influences can also represent risks.

The costs of damage that occurs in transit are not simply the liability of the carrier. Indeed, the degree of liability of carriers is limited, and in some cases excluded. This means that loss of or damage to your goods can be seriously detrimental to your business. Adequate insurance of goods in transit covers such risks completely, irrespective of liability.

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