Transport to and from Italy

We have always maintained an intensive and special relationship with Italy. This is to some extent because Van Duuren has been working for more than 25 years with BRT, the number one in distribution company in Italy. BRT has 175 depots and, just as Van Duuren, is a family business. Every day one or more of Van Duuren’s drivers deliver to BRT’s international depot in Milan.

In Italy we currently work with various partners – BRT, Züst, ITC and Cargo Nord – as a result of which we can have consignments delivered to their destinations quickly. If our planner is phoned at 5.00 p.m. or 7.00 p.m., he can arrange a vehicle for the client the same evening.

Thanks to our excellent services from Italy, imports can also be arranged swiftly. For example, one of our clients has started importing footwear from Florence, Marche and various other towns and cities.

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For questions about rates and lead times for your transport, contact our sales department.

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Our service and vehicles

Additional possibilities of transports to and from Italy:

  • ADR transports
  • Conditioned transport
  • Special transports, e.g. machines
  • High-quality transport
  • Delivery in city centres
  • Guaranteed fixed delivery times
  • Registration of transport
  • Box trucks with secure locks
  • Live truck tracking via GPS
  • Airfreight
  • Express service
  • Direct deliveries

Why Van Duuren?

  • Fast transit times
  • Both network delivery and direct delivery possible
  • Economy and Express options
  • AOG (aircraft on ground delivery) (urgent)
  • 1 stop shop
  • TAPA, TSR, Iso AEO certificates
  • Easy and direct access and personal attention
  • We arrange your documentation
  • An online and easy Track & Trace portal and web booking portal

Our customer cases

ELHA Cosmetics: ‘Fair’s fair; our transport always goes well with Van Duuren’
Severin: ‘Van Duuren is our missing link’
Fabory: ‘I don’t have to explain any problem twice to Van Duuren’

Ed Kooiman

Please contact Ed Kooiman for questions about rates and lead times for your transport from or to Italy.

 +31 (0)6 51 42 60 38

Customers we help deliver on their promises

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