Van Duuren forms strategic partnership with Jac. Goenee customs agent

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On the 1st of January 2022, Van Duuren entered into a strategic partnership with Jac. Goenee Douane-Expediteur.

Jac. Goenee is a customs agent with more than 100 years’ experience. The company takes care of electronic customs documentation for transports to and from countries inside and outside the European Union. In doing so, they advise their clients on complex customs issues, such as those resulting from the Brexit.

Jac. Goenee will move into Van Duuren’s new office building in Vianen. “This creates short lines of communication between our organisations and that’s a great advantage”, says Jeroen van Duuren: “A profound knowledge of the ins & outs of customs formalities is of course a must for a logistics service provider. Thanks to the collaboration with Jac. Goenee we now have access to a lot of specialist knowledge for which we previously had to rely on external parties. This allows us to serve our clients who trade with non-EU countries even better”.

Roland van der Maas of Jac. Goenee is also looking forward to the collaboration. He says: “Just like Van Duuren, we are a real family business. Our organizations are similar if you look at the mentality, the approachability and the heart for the business. That’s what unites us.”