Kees 12.5 years employment

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A milestone of which we can be proud. Today it is exactly 12.5 years ago that Kees started work at Van Duuren. Kees, who is married and the father of two children, has held various positions at Van Duuren. At the moment Kees is transport manager for France and the UK. As a man among mostly younger colleagues, he stands his ground well and there is no generation gap at all. Time for a closer introduction of Kees.

How do you look back on the past 12.5 years?
I look back on a beautiful period in life, both professionally and privately. If I look back to when I first came here 12.5 years ago, I have become a lot calmer. At least that’s what I think.

What are the biggest changes that Van Duuren has endured in the time that you’ve been working here?
A lot has happened in the time that I’ve been working here. But in a nutshell, Van Duuren has grown a great deal.

Which activities or tasks give you the most energy?
All the tasks within my job I like very much, and they give me energy. The best feeling is that at the end of the day, everything has worked out. Working together with my colleagues gives me great satisfaction.

What are the highlights of your time at Van Duuren?
There are many highlights to mention, but the nicest one was our trip to our office in Barcelona.

Last but not least. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
I will never forget this one liner. When things were very busy and hectic, a former colleague gave me this tip: “Only peace and quiet can save you / help you”.
Now I try to pass this on to the young people as well 😉