How are you preparing for a Hard Brexit?

As a consequence of the Brexit on 30 March 2019, every EU company doing business with the United Kingdom will be trading with a third country. In order to continue trade with a country that is [...]

Fuel Surcharge & CAF February 2019

Every month, we calculate the Fuel surcharge percentage through ‘Oliecentrale’.  The Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) percentage arise through changes in the exchange rate between the [...]

Best vehicle parks of 2018

Last summer our planner Nick Breetvelt drove along the routes Schiphol – Madrid and Barcelona – Paris. Having left Schiphol the route led him via Paris in the direction of Madrid, [...]

IAG Cargo: ‘The Van Duuren-Interport airfreight drivers always arrive on time, because the aircraft doesn’t wait’

In the world of airfreight, delivery times have become more important than ever. In the last two years, thanks to the good collaboration between IAG Cargo at Heathrow and Van Duuren-Interport, [...]

Hectic situation in the transport sector

You will surely have already read about the hectic situation in the transport sector. As the result of a combination of rising fuel and personnel costs, and of the huge pressures relating to the [...]

On the road

I have been driving for Van Duuren-Interport since 2012, says driver Manuel. ‘The people in the planning department are like family to me. I’ve known some of them for years. Everyone is really [...]

Five refrigerated trucks at Madrid Airport

At Van Duuren Interport it is our aim to deliver each consignment to its destination in the best possible condition. And sometimes – even though we say it ourselves – we do take that extra step [...]

Successful Customers Day on Amsterdam’s canals

The weather was ideal and the atmosphere perfect: on Thursday 12 July, personnel from Van Duuren Interport and their clients met on this year’s first Customers Day. There seemed to have been some [...]

Merci Beaucoup, Vic!

Today at Van Duuren Interport we had to say goodbye to Vic Friess, our intern from France. Vic spent nine weeks gaining work experience with us in connection with his commercial studies in [...]

Sales training

Within Van Duuren-Interport we believe that continuing self-development is very important. At the end of May fifteen of us embarked on a business training course run over several days by Harry [...]

On the Road: Ivo Hristov

Ivo Hirstov drives for Van Duuren to France and Italy, and sometimes to the Czech Republic, Austria and Great Britain. “I have some good memories of my trips to England, but I also like going to [...]

Unique mix of express and scheduled services Spain

Spain is familiar territory for Van Duuren-Interport. ‘To provide our clients with the best possible service we have our own office in Barcelona,’ relates Raymond de Ridder, Manager Operations [...]

The first Van Duuren truck 100 years ago!

Hanging on the wall in our office is this special photo of the very first Van Duuren truck, which hit the streets precisely 100 years ago. On the side of this wonderful vehicle you can read that [...]

Sustainable Van Duuren

In the spring of 2018 Eneco will install more than 750 solar panels on the roof of Van Duuren’s transhipment warehouse. These panels will produce 195,000 kWh of solar energy per year. In this way [...]

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