NewStar: ”Great improvement in efficiency thanks to collaboration with Van Duuren”

 In Client cases

Bart van der Sluijs, operations manager at NewStar, says: “Previously we did business with other logistic services providers but we weren’t completely satisfied. We were working with a number of carriers for the different countries. We looked for one company that could do all our European consignments for us. In addition, we were looking for a haulier that could offer a high degree of flexibility. And so we ended up with Van Duuren Districenters.” Since we embarked on our collaboration with Van Duuren we have been able to make a great improvement in efficiency, relates Van der Sluijs: “We work with large European distributors in various types of business. These are companies with enormous warehouses, and it is necessary to come to agreements with them about the timing of unloading. We used to do this ourselves and then pass the information on to the carrier. Ed Kooiman of Van Duuren suggested that we put these activities in Van Duuren’s hands. In practice it became evident that this is a much smarter way of doing things. Van Duuren notifies our client’s large customers themselves when a delivery is to be made, and this is the link between us and the customer’s warehouse. That is a great advantage and saves us an enormous amount of time.” To the question as to why other companies do not offer this extra service, Ed Kooiman replies: “That is difficult to say. Relieving the client of at least one of his burdens is a matter of course for us, just as is being happy to go that extra mile if it helps our collaboration.” Jeroen van Duuren adds: “When we are in the role of client we really appreciate it if someone make life easier for us. That’s why we’re happy to do that for our clients.” According to Sales & Marketing Director Bob Hanemaaijer, because of the type of business that NewStar is in, the short lines of communication are of great importance: “We are one of Europe’s biggest brands in mounting systems for televisions, monitors, beamers and other hardware. We are a traditionally Dutch company and are now active in more than 25 countries. We also supply accessories, which is a sort of by-product and often also an impulse purchase. That’s why our products need to be in stock with our customers, and it is very important to us that once an order has been placed the consignment arrives at its destination as quickly as possible so that our resellers always hold stock: no stock = no sales. Since starting to work with Van Duuren we really have made enormous gains in terms of speed of delivery.”
Looking back on more than a year of collaboration, Bart van der Sluijs is very satisfied: “At Van Duuren when you phone you immediately get to speak to the person who can help you. This is for me an enormous advantage when I compare it with other hauliers, where you often tended to just get lost within the organization. If we have a question for Van Duuren just one quick call to Customer Support is enough. We have a reaction within half an hour and can then get on with things. That is super!”