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Driver Bogdan Cretu has now been working for Van Duuren for more than a year, and is very happy about how things are going. “They are a great team, true super champions,” he says enthusiastically. He drives for Van Duuren to destinations throughout Europe with an extra secure trailer. “It often happens that I have to sleep for several nights in my truck. For example, I sometimes go to Portugal and back; I’m then away from home for almost a week,” he says.

If he comes across a Turkish restaurant on the way, then Bogdan is a happy man, as this Romanian loves kebabs. Although he does also cook for himself. “No, not specially the traditional dishes we have at home as­ I’m not really a very good cook,” he admits with a laugh. “I often make an omelette and chips, but fortunately there are many good Turkish restaurants to be found all over Europe.”