On the Road: Ivo Hristov

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Ivo Hirstov drives for Van Duuren to France and Italy, and sometimes to the Czech Republic, Austria and Great Britain. “I have some good memories of my trips to England, but I also like going to Italy,” he says. He recently started driving with one of Van Duuren’s new secure trailers.

According to Hirstov this makes his work much easier, but above all he is very happy about the security system. “The PIN code operated locking system gives me the peace of mind I need when I have a break.” When he is on the road he prefers to cook for himself. “It’s only when I’m in a hurry that I call in at a Mc Donalds. I really like to cook our traditional Bulgarian dishes.” He is often away from home for two or three months. “At times like that I do miss my wife and twelve-year-old daughter. But afterwards the five weeks that I can then be at home do make up for it.”