On the road: ”Working for Van Duuren is very dynamic”

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Dragomir Nicola has worked as a truck driver for thirty years and his brother Ardelean for some fifteen years. Over time, they realized that blood is thicker than water, and that it’s better to have your own brother around. ‘For this reason we decided some eight years ago to go ahead further together’, says Dragomir. ‘During the trips we each have our own tasks. We avoid roadside restaurants, because Ardelean is the cook, and he keeps the truck clean. I deal with the paperwork and the communications with the despatch department.”

The brothers have now been working for Van Duuren for one year, and up to now this is their favourite job. ‘Working for Van Duuren is very dynamic. We feel the adrenaline and we like that’, according to Ardelean.

The brothers’ favourite trips are to Spain and Austria, but they also think that the express service to Italy is also in their words “top” – precisely because the time schedule is so tight. ‘Then our adrenaline level is really boosted’, says Dragomir with a laugh.