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I have been driving for Van Duuren-Interport since 2012, says driver Manuel. ‘The people in the planning department are like family to me. I’ve known some of them for years. Everyone is really friendly, both in the office in Barcelona and at Schiphol.’ Generally speaking Manuel drives via the airports at Barcelona, Paris and Liège to Schiphol and from Bedburg to Barcelona. ‘When I’m on the road I always cook my own food. Portuguese fish soup is my special favourite. I’m married, and have two grown-up children. Sadly I don’t see my family very often, so I miss my children and grandchildren when I’m travelling.’ On the other hand, Manuel does meet lots of people, such as one know-all in Barcelona. ‘I saw that the consignment was not being loaded properly, and so I told the warehouseman. He wouldn’t listen, and eventually the consignment would not fit in the truck. The whole thing had to be reloaded.’ Laughing: ‘Yes, and in the waythat I had already told him.’