We find the best solution for every consignment on the basis of our years of experience in the provision of logistics. We have a very finely woven network throughout Europe and North Africa. Our head office is situated in Vianen on the A2/E35, in the heart of the Netherlands. We also have offices close to Schiphol and at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport.

Currently we deliver to 39 countries, and through our partners we have at our disposal 791 delivery depots in these countries.

Service at two levels

We offer our clients the following services:


You make use of our scheduled services and thus have the advantage of swift and reliable transport with an excellent price-quality ratio. Please contact us for information about the transport possibilities to and from your area.


We develop made-to-measure solutions for many of our clients. For example, for major retailers such as Foot Locker and Hunkemöller we ensure that their consignments are delivered on time in all the local shops in a large number of European destinations. We arrange these made-to-measure solutions optimally by investing heavily in the preparatory phase: we examine the entire logistical process in detail, we go ourselves to look at the location, and then keep a close eye on how the delivery of consignments are progressing.

Would you like to know what a made-to-measure service could mean for you? Just contact Jeroen van Duuren and we will be happy to accept the challenge to work out the best solution for your needs.

Two business units

In order to provide these services in the best possible way we have established two business units in our organization. For consignments in excess of 2,500 kg you can make use of the best made-to-measure solutions via our Direct Deliveries business unit (Van Duuren-Interport). For consignments of less than 2,500 kg you can use our finely meshed network via de Network Distribution business unit.

Business Unit Direct Deliveries

  • Specifically for large volume consignments (in excess of 2,500 kg)
  • Execution of service with our own trailers, which can mean even better performance and the guarantee of optimum control and security
  • Team under the leadership of Business Unit Director Eric de Wit

Business Unit Network Distribution

  • Specifically for consignments of up to 2,500 kg
  • Execution by our team with a wealth of experience in pan-European transport; you have the advantage of our high quality and finely meshed network of partners
  • Team under the leadership of Business Unit Director Stef Blommaart 
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