Partnership DWE ICT: ”ICT simply has to work all the time”

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Being able to work without worries five days a week and 24 hours a day. That’s the security Van Duuren needs, and for that a good ICT infrastructure is crucial. But how do you guarantee this? What consequences do disruptions have in the transport and logistics sector? And what is the role of looming cybercrime? Managing director Jasper van Duuren talked to Ron Groen, director of DWE ICT: his trustworthy ICT partner.

No-nonsense mentality
In 2015, Van Duuren felt it was time to put its ICT infrastructure in professional hands. Ron: “Our companies already knew each other by name, through the business fair we attend every year. In fact, over 50 clients – a number from the top 100 biggest names – come from the transport and logistics sector. We love this market. The culture matches well with our own mentality: hard work and no-nonsense.”

Jasper agrees: “That’s also why we chose DWE ICT. They know the market and understand our ICT needs. Our business is always going on. Imports arrive until two in the morning and have to be delivered that same day throughout the Netherlands, from Zuid-Limburg to Groningen. So if ICT fails and transport comes to a standstill, we really have a big problem. We have to ensure quality and so we need security.”

Piece of mind
DWE ICT and Van Duuren have been working together as partners for six years now. Ron: “Both sides like the collaboration very much. You can see this clearly in the day-to-day operations: not only does Van Duuren’s entire ICT infrastructure runs in our data centre, but we are also responsible for the workplace equipment and telephony at all locations. And the security, of course!”

Jasper adds: “They are very keen on cybercrime, preventing our ICT – and therefore our entire business – from shutting down. The other day there was a leak at Microsoft that caused many organisations to become infected, including us. Because they caught on to it immediately, it was fixed before we knew anything about it. They work with two servers anyway, so if one is down, we can always continue running on the exact mirrored backup server. The fact that we have outsourced this properly and securely gives me a lot of peace of mind. ‘’

No contact, is good contact
In fact, the gentlemen only speak to each other a number of times a year. Jasper: “And that, of course, is a good sign. We know that ICT is taken care of: our people can contact their helpdesk any time of the day or night and communication runs smoothly. DWE ICT employs many permanent staff, who know our company inside out. This is pleasant to talk to and matters are resolved quickly as a result. And is something big going on? Then the lines of communication are short.”

A partnership by the book
Professionalism, mutual trust and loyalty: these are the cornerstones of strong cooperation. Jasper: “A great example of loyalty was when a software supplier we worked with unfortunately went bankrupt. What did DWE ICT do? They hired one of their employees – with specific knowledge of our applications. Of course, we were very happy about this, that way quality was definitely guaranteed.”

Ron agrees: “We are both going for a long-term relationship and have each other’s best interests at heart. Simply, as a partnership should be. Therefore, I would like to congratulate you  on this wonderful anniversary. We look forward to the next six years!”

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