PF Concept: ‘I only find an unambiguous line of communication at Van Duuren’

 In Client cases

The European Union is growing, as the result of which economic bordersare disappearing and export is becoming easier. “This is a great thing,”believes Mike Bakx of PF Concept, “but at the same time it means that competition at the international level is increasing, and clients expect increasingly good service. For this reason I need a transport company with the flexibility to satisfy these high expectations. I have found this in Van Duuren.”

PF Concept supplies a complete range of promotional items. Their head office is in Roelofarendsveen, and the company works through thirteen sales offices throughout Europe. According to Mike Bakx, Divisional Export Director at PF Concept it is – certainly for the service points in Eastern Europe – important to work with a transporter that can serve the entire market. “Transport companies that have worked for us in the past were only able to deliver to a limited number of countries, but with Van Duuren the world has no boundaries, and I really do appreciate that. Previously I was in contact with twelve different transporters, each of whom had their own way of working. That’s just impossible if you are continually aiming at a high level of service.” The choice to work with Van Duuren and their foreign partners was absolutely the right move, according to Bakx. “As a result, they can offer made-to-measure transport in all the countries of Eastern Europe. There are not many companies that can do that. I was looking for and unambiguous line of communication for all my transport needs, and I found that with the people in Vianen. ”

Growing network
Van Duuren now transports goods for PF Concept to Central and Eastern Europe and to the countries of the Balkans. A network that has expanded in a controlled manner since the beginning of the collaboration in 2007. “At the time we made a cautious start with three countries, now we deliver to twelve countries for PF Concept. Last year Slovenia and Croatia were added to the network,” remarks Jeroen Van Duuren. Stef Blommaart adds: “Every time a new country is added we examine what the local requirements are. For example, although Croatia is now a member of the European Union, some areas of co-operation in the EU will apply at a later date. In such a case I make sure that at the time of the first shipment I am on the spot at the destination in order to confer with our local partner. We can then together ensure that as regards the customs formalities the consignments get through without problems.”

New distribution centre
This year Van Duuren’s flexibility was certainly put to the test by the decision of PF Concept to close their European Distribution Centre in the Netherlands and to open a new one a thousand kilometres away in Poland. Mike Bakx: “That means new driving schedules, and different distances and journey times. At that moment it is essential to work with a good transport partner who sees this as a challenge, who gives the business priority and then looks for solutions. Van Duuren is perhaps not the biggest player in the market, but they certainly do have the necessary drive. I hope that this will also be the case in the future.” According to Jeroen van Duuren this will certainly be the case. “Van Duuren will continue to grow, both now and in the future, but we are not aiming to be the biggest, just the best. That is why we go for the size and partnerships that suit us best.”