RM Netherlands: ‘Van Duuren is an important link in our logistic process’

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“RM Netherlands provides a gateway to Europe,” says Alexander Hendriks. “We are responsible for ensuring that all business post from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the rest of Europe and the US is delivered on time at the recipients’ addresses in Europe. In this complex logistical process Van Duuren takes care of part of the transport in Europe and is thus an indispensable link in our chain.”

RM Netherlands was set up by Royal Mail at the end of the 20th century and is now located in Waddinxveen. It is here that the post from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the rest of Europe and the US is first sorted into its destination countries, then into recipients. “People maybe don’t realize this, but it means that the address on every one of the letters and packages is personally read by one of the 120 personnel,” explains Alexander Hendriks, Managing Directorof RM Netherlands. Ed Kooiman heard seven years ago that RM Netherlands had plans to expand its European network further, and was therefore looking for a flexible transport company. “This seemed to me like an excellent chance for setting up a new collaboration so I
contacted RM Netehrlands straight away. The discussions went well, and soon afterwards we began with the first shipments to Hungary.”

European network 
Van Duuren is now looking after RM’s transport to Switzerland, Austria, Italy and a large number of countries in the Balkans. “In the course of time we have expanded our European network, and as a result we can also expand and deepen our collaboration,” Hendriks adds. “For us it is principally the quality of the transport that is important. The fact is, the service that Van Duuren provides is part of a larger process. Van Duuren delivers the letters and packages at the postal depots in the various countries, after which their own personnel ensure that the post arrives at the address of the recipient. For us it is crucial that we at every moment can follow every pallet via track & trace. I know that I can rely on being able to do that with Van Duuren.”

Local legislation
The legislation at local level means that RM Netherlands is a client for whom specific knowledge is required, believes Ed Kooiman. “These regulations are not only different per country, but also per postal item. We must as a transport company take great care with this in order to avoid mistakes.” According to Hendriks, the pressure of time is an important factor. “We have to conform to all manner of standards relating to sorting time, intermediate delivery and transport time. E-commerce is becoming increasingly important for us. Of course that does provide advantages, but it also means that the requirements as regards delivery time are becoming more stringent; the goods in these packages are often urgently required.”

Delivery points
Delivery points RM Netherlands delivers in all countries in Europe, so expansion of the collaboration is always possible in the near future. “It can also mean that we shall increase the number of delivery point per destination,” says Hendriks. “Every year we examine which delivery channels offer us the most favourable
conditions. A different choice in this last link of our process can mean for Van Duuren that new destinations can be added. This doesn’t worry me, because I know that Ed Kooiman and his colleagues consider not only quality but also flexibility to be of paramount importance.”