Severin: ‘Van Duuren is our missing link’

 In Client cases

The collaboration between Van Duuren and Severin began only recently. Nonetheless, both partners are looking to the future with great confidence. “Van Duuren is the missing link in the transport from our factory in Germany to our customers in the Netherlands,” says Jeroen Brussee of Severin.

Although the contract details between Severin and Van Duuren have only recently been finalized, the contact itself is not as recent as it would seem. “I have known Jeroen for 25 years,’’ relates Jeroen Brussee. “At my previous employers Van Duuren was also involved in the transport, so I know the sort of quality of service I can expect. There have been times when we have seen less of one another, but we have always kept an eye out for each other.” The contact was refreshed two years ago with a lunch appointment. Jeroen van Duuren: “Among other things we transported fridges and other electrical items for Jeroen’s previous employer and thus have a long history together. It was really good to meet up again. And one thing led to another …”

Fewer trans-shipment points
For more than sixty years Severin has been producing the small electrical household appliances that make daily life as easy as possible. “Actually we make everything in the kitchen that has an electrical lead attached to it,” states Jeroen Brussee. “For transport to our Dutch clients we had a logistic services provider that we weren’t completely happy with. We believe that with Van Duuren the goods will get from A to B more quickly – and in a better state.” An advantage is that Van Duuren can take care of deliveries using minder trans-shipment points than Severin’s former transporter. Jeroen Brussee: “Every transshipment point means a greater risk of loss or damage. We want to keep such risks to a minimum. Furthermore, having Kees den Haan as our contact person at Vianen greatly simplifies matters.”

Delivery times
The delivery times in the new contract have been adapted and attuned to the client’s wishes. “If we collect the consignment on day A at Severin’s factory in Sauerland we guarantee that we shall deliver to the client in the Netherlands on day B. With the other transport company that was day D,” says Jeroen van Duuren. The schedule will take a bit of getting used to for the personnel at Severin, as in the last situation the goods were picked up every day, whilst Van Duuren will arrive there twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jeroen Brussee: “We shall therefore have to modify the processes in our warehouse, and that is always a bit of a pain in the beginning. On the other hand this schedule is much more efficient and we can count on the products being delivered to our clients in the Netherlands right on time on Wednesdays and Fridays. Van Duuren also takes care of advising them that consignments are on the way. This service is of great value to us.”