Spain bans loading and unloading by truck drivers

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UP TO €6,000 FINE
As of Friday September 2nd, truck drivers in Spain will no longer be allowed to load and unload themselves. The ban was approved by the Spanish parliament in March and applies to vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

The Spanish government signed the law back in March this year, but gave companies until now to prepare for the new regulations. The new law was instituted to make the profession of truck driver more appealing. This is because Spain is facing huge driver shortages. There is said to be a shortage of more than 15,000 truckers. Hauling heavy loads is often an unpleasant inconvenience and could discourage people from opting for the job.


However, there are some exceptions; drivers working for, for example, moving companies, parcel services or transporting live animals can load and unload themselves. Anyone who does have a driver load or unload, barring exceptions, risks a fine of between 4,000 and 6,000 euros.

The ban applies to anyone entering Spanish territory, including international hauliers. Neighbouring Portugal imposed a similar ban last year. The fine for breaking the law there is considerably higher. Portuguese companies that leave loading and unloading to the driver can be fined as much as 15,000 euros.