Sustainable Van Duuren

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In the spring of 2018 Eneco will install more than 750 solar panels on the roof of Van Duuren’s transhipment warehouse. These panels will produce 195,000 kWh of solar energy per year. In this way Van Duuren’s warehouse, forklifts and offices will be CO2 neutral.

In the meantime Van Duuren also has various plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars. These too can be charged from the green electricity that will be produced.

Jasper van Duuren had for some time been thinking about generating electricity by mounting solar panels on the flat roof. However, in practice this appeared to be more difficult than it had seemed. ‘We are very good at delivering goods throughout Europe, but we have little knowledge of solar panels, or of applying for the necessary subsidies,’ says Jasper van Duuren. ‘It was also our wish to exploit the installation via monthly payments, and to have the investment and maintenance carried out by a third party. Eneco’s “Zon Lease” construction fitted in perfectly with our wishes.’

Signing the contract between Van Duuren and provider Eneco means that another important step is being taken in making the firm’s operations more sustainable. About this, Jasper van Duuren says: ‘For us, these solar panels are part of the company-wide efforts to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum, for example in the same way as our goal of increasingly using cleaner lorries. We are also looking at the possibilities of using the new Tesla truck as soon as it becomes available.’