Sven Van Duuren talks about AI innovation on news website ‘De Ondernemer’

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Informing clients much earlier of delays to export shipments thanks to a smart use of artificial intelligence.  In collaboration with BPSOLUTIONS, Van Duuren has developed an AI model that recognises 90 percent of delivery delays at an early stage.

On the news site of ‘De Ondernemer’ (The Entrepreneur), Sven van Duuren and Leonie Syrier, lead data scientist at BPSOLUTIONS tell about this model which is based on artificial intelligence. Sven is enthusiastic in the article about the faster information supply that this innovation makes possible.

Sven van Duuren: ,,Previously, all thousand export shipments had to be checked manually every day. Now these employees only have to monitor the 300 to 400 statuses with a high risk profile. So now we can report a likely delivery delay to a customer three times sooner.” Read the full article in Dutch here.