Calin PlesaCommercial planner

Calin was born in a small mountain town in Romania. ”It’s funny how sometimes life takes you down a path you didn’t expect.” Tells Calin. ”My father had a small transport company with 3 trucks and I never had the idea that I would be working with trucks later in life.”

A friend asked me for a position as a shipping clerk at a transport company. ”I went to the interview for fun and initially turned down the offer, but in my head the idea began to grow that maybe it was something I would like to do.” From there, Calin accepted the offer and that was his start in the transport sector.

About his work at Van Duuren, Calin says: ”I am very happy and lucky to be working in this great team and to be part of the Van Duuren family.”

Send Calin an e-mail or phone here via telephone number + 31 (0)20 2159141