Carla van OostveenACCOUNT manager & QSE Manager

Carla first worked at Interport and after the takeover at Van Duuren’s office in Barcelona.

After her VWO and Schoevers education, she ended up in the airfreight industry in 1985, living next to Schiphol Airport. Carla worked for several freight forwarders and the Spanish airline Iberia. After that she was co-owner of Interport for 11 years. After a short trip to healthcare, Carla returned to Interport and managed the office in Barcelona for several years. From the beginning of Interport, she was concerned with quality and safety, and she continues to be so after the takeover by Van Duuren.

Carla is also a security consultant for air freight, because Van Duuren transports a lot of air freight by road. Recently, she also became account manager for (air cargo) customers. “This variety of work suits me well,” says Carla herself about her many-sided job.

Carla can be reached on the following days: mon, tue, wed and thu via e-mail: or phone +34 681100327