Carlos Menendez AgüeraSALES EXECUTIVE

Carlos Menendez has worked at Interport since 2005 and, after the takeover, at Van Duuren. He is currently working as a sales representative at our office in Barcelona.

Carlos himself is originally from Barcelona. He graduated from the University as a Business Technician in Tourism Activities. After his studies, he held various positions at various flagship companies in the aviation industry, such as Iberia and KLM.

During his work at KLM he decided to start his career in logistics, following specific courses and foreign trade. Because learning languages is one of his passions, Carlos also studied English, German, Italian and Dutch.

About his work at Interport and Van Duuren Carlos says: “In April 2005 I had the opportunity to start my professional logistics career at Interport in the Netherlands, where I started as Customer Care and Inside Sales Agent for Spain. Every day that passed seemed more interesting to me and after two years the management of Interport trusted me with the responsibility to represent the company commercially in Barcelona.

What I am most passionate about in my work is the contact with different cultures and the constant remote support of my colleagues.

This job is different every day, you don’t know what surprise or challenge you will find the next day. As a football coach would say, you have to watch one match at a time.

Send Carlos an e-mail: or phone him via telephone number +34 (0)64 78 52 586