Corina MarianOffice Manager

Corina was born in the northwest of Romania. In 2008 after finishing her studies: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering she not only got her car license but also her truck license.

A year later her son was born and she stopped working. After a while it still started to itch and in 2011 she climbed on the truck. In April 2018, Corina met Remco for the first time through her work.

”The great thing I can do here is help hauliers ” says Corina proudly. ”From the first day I started working with Remco I really enjoyed it, he has so much experience in the transport world and I learn a lot from him every day. At Van Duuren I never feel like I’m working and I really feel at home and happy here”.

Corina’s responsibilities are helping Remco with the planning and taking care of the hauliers in Romania.

Send Corina an e-mail or phone here via telephone number + 31 (0)20 2159140