Damian BakkerPlanning Domestic

‘’It is important to me that my work has variety and that I can work with colleagues”. says Damian, 23 years of age. ”He started working in the warehouse in May last year, where he has made his job his own by keeping up with the surplus and the ON HOLD section. ”Recently, I started working as a Transport Planner in the Domestic Department. I am glad that I get the chance to grow here.”

Damian, originally from Utrecht, has been living in Vianen for a while now, so he comes to work by bike every day. I’ve always worked in the catering industry before and it was purely by chance that I ended up here. I haven’t regretted it for a moment, because I feel very much at home in Sven and Buddy’s team.

Send Damian an e-mail: damian.bakker@vanduuren.nl  or call via +31 (0)347 357023