Jeffrey van SpengenPlanning Domestic

Jeffrey van Spengen started working for Forel, which merged into Van Duuren, in 2014. His work included receiving and processing shipments for overseas and return shipments. He also carried out various work with LIS. Where necessary, Jeffrey also assisted with other work in the warehouse.

Before joining us, Jeffrey worked for several clients in logistics, including Van de Scheur Logistiek and Albert delivery service.

“One of the fun parts of my job at Van Duuren is that I have to deal with many different languages and cultures. Every day I get to know people from other countries,” says Jeffrey: “Shipments from all over the world come together in the warehouse in Vianen. I find it very interesting to see the path goods take to eventually reach the customer.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has moved on to the BPM department as a business analyst. “I am very happy with my role within the company and would like to develop myself further. That opportunity is also plentiful here. All my colleagues are always willing to help and I have learned a lot over the past few years as a result.”

Send Jeffrey an e-mail or phone him via telephone number +31 (0) 347 357021