Karyna ChuvaldzhyanTransport coordinator

Karyna joined Van Duuren in April 2014 as an assistant planner for Eastern Europe. This position suits Karyna perfectly, if only because she speaks English and Dutch, but also Ukrainian and Russian. In her native Ukraine Karyna studied culture and art at the university. She has lived in the Netherlands since 2007.

Prior to joining Van Duuren, Karyna was account manager for Eastern Europe at a Russian flower company in the Netherlands. “Van Duuren is just like one big family,” she says about her current job. “There’ s a nice atmosphere, and the people look out for one another. I always strive for perfection in my work, and if I can make a client happy then I go home with a feeling of satisfaction.”

Karyna can be reached on the following days: mon, tuesdaymorning, wed, thursdaymorning and fri via e-mail: karyna.chuvaldzhyan@vanduuren.nl or phone her via telephone number +31 (0)347 357058