Michal, born in Poland and living in the Netherlands since 2020, has been working for Van Duuren since November 2021. ”During the renovation of the office at Van Duuren I was working as a painter. After a while I asked if I might be able to work here, and I’m glad I got this opportunity.”

Michal works as a junior planner and is responsible for the drivers. ”My tasks consist of solving the drivers’ problems, preparing the routes and occasionally making coffee for my colleagues, ha-ha.”

About his work at Van Duuren, Michal says: “There’s a relaxed atmosphere here, which makes working very relaxing. But above all, I like the team spirit and the family feeling best, and for me that’s worth its weight in gold!”

In his spare time Michal likes to watch documentaries. ”I am very interested in history but I also like to make puzzles, as long as they are not too easy. Everyone has a bit of child in them.”

Send Michal an e-mail michal.zajac@vanduuren.nl