Peter ProperCustomer Service Agent

Peter Proper (43) has been strengthening Van Duuren’s Customer Support team since March. He has been working in logistics since the age of 18. Initially as a warehouse employee, he has been with Customer Support for more than 15 years. “I think that being able to help people further is a great job. If I know a solution that makes a burden fall off our customer’s shoulders, I have a great day. I am a troubleshooter at heart. I always try to get the problem clear first and then work on a solution in a goal-oriented way”.

Van Duuren is not a new name for Peter, because his father also worked for the family a long time ago. “Jasper van Duuren still knew him. I found that special to hear. It indicates to me that at Van Duuren you’re not just a number.”

Send Peter an e-mail of call him via +31 (0)347 753841