Remco IpenburgFleet Manager

Remco Ipenburg has been working since November 2017 at Van Duuren Interport as supervisor operations, after he had worked for quite some time as a planner and sales executive at the parent company Van Duuren.

Remco has the leadership of the group of planners who are responsible for all the traffic outside Spain and Portugal, so who in many instances are involved with consignments to Italy, Germany and France. He also monitors the operational processes, also keeping an eye on customer performance reviews, and he is an important link between sales and operations. Furthermore, Remco is responsible for the transport of consignments of pharmaceuticals.

Remco says about his work at Van Duuren Interport: ‘The pleasant atmosphere provides an important basis for coming to work every day with a good feeling. I’m a connector; the client is always our central focus. If the client feels valued, he or she will be happy to give you new business. The great variety of consignments makes every day a challenge to complete the jigsaw puzzle that this business is.’

Send Remco an e-mail or phone him via telephone number +31 (0) 20 2159107

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