Our scheduled departures to Tunisia are on Thursdays. We guarantee that the consignments are delivered to their destinations 24 hours after customs clearance.

We take care of all the export documents for you and support you in the drafting of the documents. A very important element relating to consignments to and from Tunisia is that for export and import to and from the North African countries the clients/recipients must arrange the inward or outward clearance themselves via Transitair or via the client in Tunisia. We offer all the necessary support in this. We have had a service to Tunisia since 2012, and in June 2016 we started working with our present partner Gondrand. This transport company knows the country as no other, and takes care of delivering your consignments in Tunisia.

Taïb Mansouri

For more information about our services to this country, please contact Taïb Mansouri.

 +31 (0)347 357017