Bausch Health: ‘Van Duuren has a daily service to Spain in 26 Hours. That is unique.’

 In Client cases

“To an increasing extent transport by road appears to be a better and more efficient method than by air,” says Marina Khoroujenko, Freight Manager at Valeant. “And certainly with a transporter such as Van Duuren – Interport. Arriving in Madrid and Barcelona in 26 hours really is quick. It gives us the confidence to have them also deal with our temperature controlled transport.”

For Valeant, efficiency, reliability and a good price-quality relationship are important factors when looking for road transport solutions, explains Marina. She had previously worked as a freight manager for Bausch + Lomb, a company specializing in contact lenses and eye health products. “Valeant Pharmaceuticals took Bausch + Lomb over in 2013,” she continues. “The Bausch + Lomb brand still exists, but since the takeover we at EDC Schiphol Rijk also became responsible for the distribution of the products of other Valeant subsidiaries.”

Until 2010 we used the daily evening flight to Madrid to get our goods to the local transport company for their finely woven distribution network in Spain and Portugal, but after the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions in Iceland our transport model had to be changed. “Because of the clouds of ash, air transport was virtually impossible,” recalls Marina. “The eruptions were the reason to examine the possibilities of road transport. The former Interport office, now Van Duuren, was situated 300 metres further up the road. A chat with them seemed the obvious thing to do.”

Express service
“Our express groupage service within Europe offers an excellent alternative for clients that have formerly used airfreight,” says Niek Eijsberg, looking back on the initial discussions. “Road transport is flexible and, if necessary, more easy to adapt to our clients’ wishes.” Thanks to a carefully worked out driving schedule, Van Duuren – Interport currently delivers consignments to the depots in Barcelona and Madrid within 26 hours. Niek explains: “A driver picks up the goods at the clients’ premises during the daytime. At about 7.00 p.m. he arrives at Breda, where two other, ‘fresh’ drivers take the load over. They drive virtually non-stop to Spain, arriving there the following evening.”

Temperature controlled transport
The daily scheduled service is so fast and reliable that plans are now at an advanced stage to also undertake temperature controlled road transport. “These are medical products that have to stay chilled at between two and eight degrees centigrade,” explains Marina. “For this project we had a quality audit carried out at Van Duuren – Interport. After his good distribution practice (GDP) audit the auditor was enthusiastic about the expertise he found at the company. “I wish that everyone had their distribution practice in such good order,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned this service can begin as soon as possible.” Eijsberg nods in agreement. “We’re ready for it!”