Van Duuren and NSK celebrate fifteen-year business relationship

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Last month Van Duuren’s Berry Veldhuis visited our partner NSK in Tilburg. Berry presented Martin Ruggenberg and his team with a cake in order to celebrate the fact that the two companies have been working very pleasurably together for 15 years.

Jeroen van Duuren still remembers the beginning of the business relationship very well: ‘Fifteen years ago, shortly before Christmas, we received a call from the then transport manager at NSK asking if we could help them out with a major problem. They had some urgent consignments for Italy and their current transport partner had decided to suspend the services to Italy between Christmas and New Year. Despite the fact that it was of course a very busy period, we took up the challenge and ensured that all the consignments arrived on time at NSK’s Italian clients.’

From the very first moment the relationship between NSK and Van Duuren gradually developed and the number of destination countries served increased. ‘The collaboration with the team in Tilburg and also with Mr Leonardo Marseglia of NSK Italy has always been very pleasant,’ says Berry: ‘We believe that a good personal relationship with our customers is very important. And an anniversary like this is if course an excellent opportunity to celebrate such a fine working relationship.’

Photo: Berry Veldhuis handing over the cake to (from left to right) Natalia da Gloria, Marijke Kleinstra, Hans van Kasteren and Martin Ruggenberg of NSK.