Van Duuren begins stocking of HEMA stores in Austria twice a week

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In April 2018 Van Duuren began stocking the HEMA stores in Austria. In spring of this year, HEMA expanded the field of their activities into Austria, and now has opened two stores in the centre of Vienna. Van Duuren dealt with the initial stocking for the opening, and will be providing the stores with stock twice per week.

Prior to the start-up, our planner Karyna Chuvaldzhyan and Wilfred Donkersteeg, responsible for operations, made a working visit to HEMA in order to guarantee optimal preparations for the new service. Karyna also made the acquaintance of Onno Middelhoven, Head of Outbound Transport at HEMA.

Van Duuren had already been taking care of the entire logistical flow for HEMA in Spain. Stocking stores is just one of Van Duuren’s specialities. With regard to this, Account Director Stef Blommaart said: ‘As a logistics service provider we contribute to the successful opening and stocking of stores in busy city centres. It’s not rocket science, but it is all about dedication. We always ensure that we know exactly what we will be faced with.’

In a recent interview in our magazine Drive, HEMA’s Onno Middelhoven and Jeroen van Duuren expressed their great satisfaction with the collaboration. ‘Together with Stef and Jeroen we recently made a tour of our Spanish stores. 95 per cent of the store managers were completely positive about the service,’ said Onno Middelhoven in the interview.

Jeroen van Duuren: ‘From the beginning we were really happy that we were able to add a fantastic company such as HEMA to our portfolio of retail clients. That we are now also stocking the stores in Austria I see as a compliment to the colleagues at both companies who made such a success of the collaboration in Spain.’