Van Duuren and Coty/Procter & Gamble celebrate 12½ years’ working relationship

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This summer, Van Duuren’s Stef Blommaart travelled to Bournemouth in the United Kingdom to visit Coty (formerly Procter & Gamble). There he presented a cake to Neil Magookin and Angela Frampton to celebrate both companies having had a very pleasant working relationship for the last 12½ years.

Stef relates: “Every day Van Duuren transports beauty products from Coty’s central distribution centre in Bournemouth to the Netherlands. If we collect a consignment on day A in England, we ensure that it is in the Netherlands on day B, and delivered at all Coty’s clients’ shops on day C.”

According to Stef, Coty laid down a number of specific requirements for the transport of their beauty products. “For example, the vehicles must be clean, and not smell of any other products. We take these requirements very seriously. And we keep in constant touch with them in order to fine-tune the transport process. Here one can think of practical matters such as the way the goods are packed, the height of the pallets, and timing that ensures our timely arrival at the ferry. In this way we continually work together towards improvements.”

The fact that he went especially to Bournemouth to celebrate this jubilee with the people at Coty is quite normal, says Stef. “It goes without saying that short lines of communication and good personal relationships are important to us. A jubilee such as this is of course an excellent extra opportunity to emphasize how we value our clients’ trust in us.”

Photo: Stef Blommaart handing the cake to Neil Magookin (Outbound Logistics) and Angela Frampton (Transport Connect Department).