Van Duuren and Interport choose the same software systems

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“We want to avoid having any ‘noise’ in our communications systems and thus work as efficiently as possible,” states Jasper van Duuren as the most important reason for integrating the systems used by Interport with the software at Van Duuren. “The chance of problems is smaller if all our employees work using the same programmes. That will be good both for us and for our clients.”

“Spain and Portugal specialist Interport was taken over early this year by Van Duuren. The personnel at Interport are still working with applications that are different from those of their colleagues in Vianen.“ Although there is nothing wrong with these systems, this is not an ideal situation, according to Jasper van Duuren. “It’s better if everyone is working with the same information and using the same IT concepts. This prevents misunderstandings and increases the efficiency in their work,” he says decidedly. “The data is also available more quickly at both offices, so that the help we give our customers is quicker and more adequate.”

Stable working environment
It is for this reason that we are making great efforts to integrate the software used by Interport into the systems at Van Duuren. “In 2015 and 2016 we did everything possible to create a good, stable platform for our transport management system, accounting and back-office activities,” recalls Van Duuren. “In practice, this platform has proved itself to be a stable working environment. Of course we have had extensive analyses carried out to see whether Interport’s way of working fits in with the systems at Van Duuren. This appeared to be the case. That is why I have complete faith that the integration of the systems will occur without any hitches.”

The first phase of the project plan has now been completed. Next month the personnel at Interport will receive training in order to be able to work with the new applications. Jasper van Duuren: “We are now working with a large team, and this implies a big change for a lot of people. That is why we believe it is important to involve everyone in this process. Up to now the reactions have all been positive.” According to the planning the integration will have been carried out completely by 1 January 2018.