Van Duuren starts working with the Cargoscanner

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Thanks to the new collaboration with CargoLine, we have been able to double the volumes. It is not only a major expansion of our network, but also a growth in operations, and on this foundation Van Duuren has chosen to innovate. This is a project which our Business Process Management department has been very busy implementing with.

As a result of this growth, Van Duuren has chosen to purchase a new pallet and collo-scanner. With this scanner all dimensions of a shipment, including weight and photos are registered. Until now, these processes have been carried out manually and because of this innovation we can work even more efficiently. The information generated by the scanner is linked to the shipment information from the Transport Management System. And by using this system, all processes that were previously performed will be set up in a different way.

At Van Duuren, we are working on ideas every day to start up such projects. We do this so we can provide our customers with the same service you are used to.