Welcome to the Van Duuren family: Johan Hermsen – Crossdock Manager

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”My heart lies in transport.” says Johan Hermsen. Since the beginning of this year he has been working at Van Duuren as Crossdock manager. ”I have final responsibility for all warehouse-related matters, and the intention is that in the future I will be responsible for all the facility activities. So for the time being I’ve got plenty to do here.”
Johan is originally from Harderwijk and previously worked as a warehouse manager at Van Vliet transport in Vianen. ”I am married and have three children. I used to love playing football but nowadays I prefer to watch it while enjoying a beer.”
Johan says the following about his position at Van Duuren: “I’ve been given a warm welcome, and I’m pleased to see that everyone here is there for each other. There are many challenges, and that really appeals to me.”