Welcome to the Van Duuren family: Robert Moesman – transport coordinator

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“A former colleague tipped me off for this job,” says Robert Moesman, who recently joined Van Duuren’s Domestic Distribution department as transport coordinator. He gained extensive experience in logistics as a driver and later as a transport planner at his previous employer.
“Unfortunately this at a rental company went bankrupt due to the corona crisis”, explains Robert, living in Kortenhoef and now five months the proud father of a beautiful daughter. “That’s why I was very happy with the call from my former teammate.
Planning is planning, but at Van Duuren things are different, he notices. For example, the drivers in Vianen don’t have to carry goods up the stairs. Robert: “That makes it easier for us to estimate the time needed for unloading. He appreciates the collegiality within the team. “It’s a nice group that’s ready for each other when needed.”