Kisch: “We are the fourth and fifth generations of Kisch and Van Duuren to do business together”

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“We are the fourth and fifth generations of Kisch and Van Duuren to do business together”

Twice a week, Van Duuren collects goods for Kisch in Italy and delivers the boxes or pallets two working days later in Amsterdam. “That always goes well,” says Michael Parsser, managing director of Kisch, which supplies furniture fittings and components. “And if it doesn’t, it’s because of external factors.”

“That was back in the days before I was around,” is the answer of John Parsser, father of Michael, when asked when the partnership with Van Duuren started. Laughing, “My father and uncles probably chose the cars that ran fastest and stood out the most just after the war.” This dating may well be correct according to Jeroen van Duuren. “I know that my grandfather started in Amsterdam in 1942. We are the fourth and fifth generations of Kisch and Van Duuren doing business together.”

Rush job

In the current partnership, Van Duuren is responsible for the supply of Italian furniture components to Kisch. “Every Tuesday and Friday, a truck leaves Italy with, among other things, folding beds, flap hinges and drawer slides that we order from our suppliers there,” Michael explains. “Two working days later, the stuff arrives at our place. Always. Even if it’s a rush job. And if things don’t work out, it’s not because of Van Duuren, but because of external circumstances.”

Shipments for Kisch join a network service that also collects and drives goods for other customers. Getting all shipments to Vianen on time is a challenge every time, says Jeroen. “Italian suppliers all want the freight to be collected as late as possible. Then our driver is at the door at 5pm, they actually prefer him to come back at 7pm. But we have to leave for the Netherlands no later than midnight to be in Vianen on Thursday afternoon. With breaks included, you really need that day and a half.”

It is mainly thanks to the partner network that Van Duuren has carefully built up over the years that this succeeds every time, is his follow-up. “Our experienced Italian partner naturally knows the suppliers inside out and knows that it is necessary to put some pressure on sometimes.”

At Van Duuren’s warehouse, the goods are immediately sorted and labelled upon arrival to arrive at Kisch and the other recipients on Friday morning.

Family business
“We are very satisfied with the service and it has always been the Parsser family’s intention to continue working with Van Duuren,” John says firmly. “As a family business, doing business with another family business creates a bond.”

Michael, too, sees many similarities in the way they work. “Just like with us, the working atmosphere at Van Duuren is very close-knit with employees who often stay on for a long time. Last week we had a dinner together with the Van Duurens, because we also have a good relationship on a personal level. Like partners doing it together. Another 23 years and then we will be working together for 100 years. A beautiful perspective!”